KYOCERA Service Award Competition 2019 - Rules Terms and Conditions
The KYOCERA Service Award is a competition organized by KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V. (“KDE”) for service technicians of KYOCERA authorized and certified service partners (“CSPs”). In rigorous tests conducted both online and on-site, we identify the best service technicians who are rewarded with a trip to KYOCERA in Japan and possibly a production site.
The 2018 Service Award competition (“Competition”) will be held with the following CSPs:
Al Nahar Int Copying & Typing Machine, Arcus S.A, GCG- Gulf Commercial Group, Global Union, IT Smart Distribution Srl, Kontrax JSC, MFI Document Solutions Ltd, Mustafa Sultan Office Technology Co, Ewe Comp d.o.o.(Neposystem d.o.o.), XenonForte d.o.o., UAB BAIP, KCR

Eligible Applicants (“Applicants”) are technicians from KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V Sales Company (“KDEU-SC”) contract partner, KDE Certified Service Partners, who have completed Basic Training or Additional Training within the last two years (2016-2018).

Excluded from the Competition are KDE/KDEU-SC employees, Dealer/Service Managers (those employees with technical skills who no longer work as a technician), Trainers or participants on the Train-The-Trainer Program.
All European Competition finalists from the past three years are also excluded.

KDE reserves the right to reject applications and/or exclude Applicants from participating in the Competition for internal reasons not mentioned here.

Prior to entering the Competition, Applicants must have registered online. Registration is valid only when the Applicant has read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions as outlined.

Registration must include complete and correct personal information from Applicants (first name, last name, address, city, email address, phone number). Incomplete or incorrect registration data will result in exclusion from the Competition.

Stage 1: This is an online questionnaire which will be conducted by the KDEU-SC in the Contestant’s respective country during the period: April 5th 2019 to August 15th 2019.

The top scoring Contestants (the number to be determined by each KDEU-SC) will be permitted to proceed to Stage 2 of the Competition. Notification of success will be confirmed by email.

Scoring for this multiple choice test is as follows:

Contestants with the highest scores will enter the group of highest scoring Contestants. Should Contestants have the same score, one will be selected to go through to the next stage by a draw.

The winners of the first stage will be informed by email by the KDEU-SC/KDE in the Contestant’s respective country/CSP company.

Stage 2: The successful Contestants from Stage 1 will take part in a Semi-Final competition organized by KDE. During this stage of the Competition, Contestants will participate in the theoretical tests conducted via WebEx/Skype. The tests will be observed and graded by an auditor.
The final result of the test will be determined by a jury.

Stage 1: Online Competition
The prizes for the 1st Stage of the Competition will be offered by the SCPs in the Contestant’s respective country.

Stage 2: Country Competition
The prizes for the 2nd Stage of the Competition will be offered by the KDE.

Prizes cannot be converted into cash nor can they be transferred to any other person.

Personal Data will be processed exclusively for the preparation and execution of all activities related to the Competition.
Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the requirements of European Data Protection Laws.
In addition to personal data provided by you as part of the registration to the Competition, further personal data will arise in the course of the Competition, for example test scores and rankings. KDE will transfer this data within its subsidiaries in Europe and to third parties for the purpose of conducting the Competition, the prize giving, the final award ceremony and the continual improvement process for this Competition.
Further information on exercising your rights on your Personal Data and how to contact us are provided through the official KYOCERA Privacy Statement on the Official KDE Web Page.

Each Contestant may only register once.

KDE reserves the right to cancel the Competition at the end of any stage of the Competition without reason.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V is liable for all damage as a result of its deliberate or gross negligence.

Regarding non-executive employees, KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V’s liability is limited to foreseeable and typical damage of property and assets.

On slight negligence KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V liability is limited to foreseeable and typical damage of property and assets pertaining to fundamental breach of duty.

The liability limitations shall not apply in the event of injury to life, body or health.

Contestants will immediately be excluded from the Competition for:
In cases where prizes have already been awarded these will be claimed back from the Contestant.

If any part of the Rules becomes invalid or infeasible, the remainder will not be affected. In such cases, all parties are obliged to act together to replace the invalid or infeasible section by a valid or feasible replacement, which should resemble as closely as possible the purpose and intention of the original section.

No recourse is available, legal or otherwise.

These Rules are exclusively subject to Dutch law.